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Welcome to Qube Cards™
Qube Cards™ are your fun & affordable, modern upgrade to traditional business cards.

Since 2012, we have provided the world with innovative technology to solve everyday problems. Our 3D digital business cards take just a few minutes to customize, and allow you to add hundreds of times more content than old-fashioned paper cards!

  • Need to showcase your services, products, or skills in an eye-catching way?
  • Or maybe you want to post your most recent YouTube videos, Twitter, and Facebook feeds that can be viewed directly within your card?
  • Want to be sure that prospective companies and customers will download your resume?
  • How about including several ways to be contacted, so that they will never forget how to get in touch with you?

Qube Cards™ are the easiest way to include all your social media pages, websites, contact info, promotions, and activities in one easily-shareable place.

Get your own Qube today!
There has never been a faster, more effective way to promote yourself or your business, find a new job, or sell your products and services.

With your Qube Card, you will

  • Stand Out
  • Get Attention
  • Be Remembered

Don't miss out. Grab your very own Qube today and get the recognition you deserve!

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About The Event

Treat yourself and your family and friends to a weekend of food, culture, street activities and loads of fun!

Fun Philippines Toronto Street Festival

July 23 & 24, 2022
Bathurst St. cor. Wilson Ave. North York ON

Festival Activities

Fun Philippines hopes to encourage reconnection between and among families and friends after more then two years of social restrictions, while also supporting participating local businesses to recover and thrive. FUN is positive, happy, vibrant, colorful – everything that the event is and aims to be.

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Event Schedule



Main Performers

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Win FUN prizes! Join the games and contests only at Fun Philippines!
Name It Contest

To enter this contest, send an email to: In the subject line place the phrase "Name It" and in the email, submit your name suggestion. 

Karaoke Fun

Upload your fun and happy (and even funny!) karaoke videos to get the chance to sing onstage! To enter this contest, send an email to: In the subject line place the phrase "Sing To Win" and in the email, submit your video.

Basketball Contest

To learn more about the contests click on the red button below!

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Activities / Entertainment

Eat. Engage. Experience. Enjoy!


Watch your favourite performers LIVE!


Local Performers

Activities Food

Activities Trades

We are very excited to see you at the event.
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Kamayan Feast

Experience the Kamayan Feast!


Kamayan is the Tagalog word for eating with bare hands. It is also used to describe the Filipino communal-style Filipino feast where food is served on banana leaves and eaten without utensils. Typical food served are seafood, grilled meats, vegetables, fried rice and fruits served on fresh banana leaves.

Another term for kamayan is boodle fight but is primarily associated with the military practice of communal eating. Kamayan is known as kinamut or kinamot among those who speak the Visayan languages.

Kamayan Menu

Get your Kamayan seats now!

1. Saturday & Sunday Time slots:
   11:00 am to 1:00 pm
   3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
   7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Except Sunday)

2. Capacity: 100  People per time slot (Six people per table)


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Event Contact Info

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors
Community Partners

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EVENT SCHEDULE July 23 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM | July 24 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM