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  • Welcome to the next generation of social promotion.
    Qubes are an easy to use, cutting-edge technology that attract attention for yourself, your business, or your brand. Whether you are seeking a platform for free speech & expression or wanting to get your professional information into the right hands, your Qube empowers you to stand out from the competition. There has never been an easier way to gain recognition & sales, increase your follower count, or land your dream job.


    You. Your Brand. Your Business. Your Links. Your Info. Everything in one ultra-convenient place.


    Qube Cards™ are an extremely flexible 6-sided (3D) digital social promotion tool that allows you to and add all your valuable information and social links into your own compact web app. Your eye-catching Qube will fit into the pockets of your customers, associates, and prospects, so that they can follow your activities and easily keep in touch with you.

    There has never been a more effective way to get seen, get heard, and be remembered! 

    For samples of what your own Qube could look like, please visit the links below.


  • Qubes are the most powerful high-tech way to get your resume, personal information, and portfolio into the right hands, at the right time, and be contacted back. Let’s face it, your industry is filled with many other people applying for the same job. Qube Cards™ allow you to stand out and make a memorable first impression!

      • A faster and more interactive way to gain attention for yourself and showcase your skills. 
      • The easiest and most powerful way to share your info. Whether you are standing face-to-face, responding through email, or talking on the phone, the extensive sharing options of your Qube make it possible to get your info into the right hands, at the right time, and be remembered. 
      • A modern, cutting-edge technology that allows you create the perfect promotion for yourself, while leveraging your current social media content and making it even more effective. Easily add whatever information you want, format it in your own unique way, share it with anyone at anytime and anywhere, to keep the spotlight focused solely on you.

  • Qubes are the most effective way to engage your followers and attract new ones. Whether you want to share a few paragraphs of info, your social media links, an entire catalog of affiliate products, or an ever-growing library of images and videos, your Qube will accommodate it all without breaking a sweat.

      • Bring your entire community together and connect with all your followers, from multiple social media websites, at the same time and in one convenient place.
      • An interactive platform that gives you the power to stand out from the crowd and attract more subscribers. In the current online world where so many people are competing for limited attention, your Qube empowers you with a priceless toolset to clearly stand out and get the recognition you have been working so hard for.
      • A powerful web app that is instantly compatible with millions of potential followers from all around the world. This means that no matter which modern smart phone your followers are using, a tablet, a laptop, or even a PC, your message will be heard loud and clear, displaying correctly for everyone, everywhere.

  • Qubes provide you with a uniquely easy to use set of tools to build your brand in exciting and engaging ways. Using your Qube’s extraordinarily flexible and customizable features, you can manage all aspects of your company’s promotion and events–or even commission your very own Qube network to easily motivate and handle internal relations with all your employees.

      • An instantaneous and highly interactive way to let your customers or employees know what company events you have coming up, what your current promos are, or how to buy your merchandise. Your Qube will give you the ability to reach your audience 24 hours a day, and provide them with the easiest way to keep in touch with you.
      • A high-tech solution that saves you precious time and money by allowing you to promote your website, your e-commerce store, and all your social media pages in one convenient place. No longer will your customers need to search several different websites in an attempt to find out more about your products and services.
      • An easy to use and very affordable alternative to developing your own iPhone and Android compatible app. In a world where there are millions of social media pages and websites competing to grab your customers’ attention away from you, your Qube will sit prominently on their home screen and not be forgotten.
      • Qubes are designed to be extraordinarily flexible and simple to update, so that their content can change over time to fit your current needs. Use your Qube now for a complete range of promotional purposes, and as your needs grow, your Qube will grow with you.


  • Every Quber Pro subscription comes with our easy-to-use configuration Hub and Qube live preview system, a toolset of powerful design and content features, unlimited editing, the ability to add your own images & other content, and the freedom to share your Qube with as many people as you like at no additional cost.

      • The Quber Pro plan also gives you the ability to create four Qubes, your own iOS and Android compatible app, advanced customization features, easy sharing features, offline viewing capability for your mobile iOS and Android compatible app, pre-built design components, user analytics, priority customer support, and unlimited unique views/month.




    1.   (no credit card is required for the trial!)
    2. Choose the address you want for your Qube’s URL (for example,
    3. Type in your new account email and create a password

    That’s it!



    After signing up you will be taken to your control Hub where you can manage your account, make edits to you current Qube, and create additional Qubes. Customization is fast and easy using the live preview button within your hub. Go ahead; edit, change, and add to your Qube as often as you like. Share your Qube Card freely, and start receiving more attention and recognition!

  • Design: Want a spectacular looking Qube but don’t have the time to edit it? Our creative designers can help create a unique and eye catching look for your Qube. From beautiful images and layout to professional copy writing services, every aspect of your Qube will command respect and enable you to grab the attention of those you share it with.

    Development: For companies and individuals requiring something completely unique, our software engineers are eager to design your Qube Cards™ to look and behave exactly as you need. Whether you want a fresh new appearance that conforms to your own original brand, or a series of exciting new features, we can help customize your Qubes for one user or for one million. This includes adding specialized capabilities like custom analytics tracking, integration with 3rd party software systems, email funnel features, corporate employee & event management, and embedded advertising—as well as nearly anything else you can think of.