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Qube Cards - Modern Social Promotion Platform
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Welcome to Qube Cards™
Qube Cards™ are your fun & affordable, modern upgrade to traditional business cards.

Since 2012, we have provided the world with innovative technology to solve everyday problems. Our 3D digital business cards take just a few minutes to customize, and allow you to add hundreds of times more content than old-fashioned paper cards!

  • Need to showcase your services, products, or skills in an eye-catching way?
  • Or maybe you want to post your most recent YouTube videos, Twitter, and Facebook feeds that can be viewed directly within your card?
  • Want to be sure that prospective companies and customers will download your resume?
  • How about including several ways to be contacted, so that they will never forget how to get in touch with you?

Qube Cards™ are the easiest way to include all your social media pages, websites, contact info, promotions, and activities in one easily-shareable place.

Get your own Qube today!
There has never been a faster, more effective way to promote yourself or your business, find a new job, or sell your products and services.

With your Qube Card, you will

  • Stand Out
  • Get Attention
  • Be Remembered

Don't miss out. Grab your very own Qube today and get the recognition you deserve!

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Qubes are compatible with over 3.6 billion mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. Download our official Qube-o-dex from the Apple or Google Apps Store, install our convenient Progressive Web App (PWA) by visiting the Qube Cards of your choice, or simply use any modern web browser for a fully interactive app experience.

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The official Qube Cards™ terms & conditions and privacy policies can be found here.


About Me


Albert Chosky

Web Application Developer
Senior Creative Designer

I am a dynamic and motivated web application developer, WordPress expert, and creative designer with over 22 years of experience and a passion for producing engaging websites, interactive mobile apps, and eye-catching photography & motion graphics.

As an adaptable information systems professional I have the ability to meet deadlines and surpass expectations while working independently or as part of a team.

This Qube Card is an example of my frontend & backend programming, and UI/UX design work.

To view additional samples of my photography, animation, and web design, please visit!

Photography & Graphics

I have over 20 years experience in studio and fine art photography, graphic design, beauty retouching, and advanced image editing.

These are some samples of my work.

Photos & Editing Samples

Graphics & Design Samples

Skills & Resume



  • WordPress Development
  • E-Commerce/Web Design
  • Web App Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Motion Graphic Animation
  • Design & Photography
  • JavaScript, PHP, SQL
  • Software QA Testing

Professional Experience

Lead Web Application Developer & Senior Designer
968810 Ontario Inc. | 2017 – Present

• Overseeing the conceptualization development, testing,
and deployment of several web applications and business
systems in the fields of SaaS-based networking, political
campaign management, automated support systems,
trucking & logistics, and live event planning.
• UX/UI Design (Adobe XD wireframing & prototyping),
HTML, CSS, JavaScript programming and debugging
• WordPress plugin creation (PHP/API).
• My latest SaaS project (See Job & Role Side for complete
details of my duties.)

Project Manager & Lead Creative Designer
Chosky Studios | 2005 – 2017

• Headed online promotion & content creation, Web
development, website & mobile app design, graphic design,
and photography.

Copywriter & Fine Art Photographer
Photo Sentinel | 2001 – 2005

Multimedia Designer & Lead Web Developer
Art Sentinel | 1997 – 2001


Bachelor's degree eq.: Information Technology
Dakota State University | 2013 – 2017

Associate of Arts: Fine Art Photography
Academy of Art University, San Francisco | 2010 – 2012

Associate of Arts: Animation & Visual Effects
Academy of Art University, San Francisco | 2008 – 2010

Animation & Motion Graphics

Samples of my Design and Development work.

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Job & Role

The web application you are currently viewing is called a Qube Card™. It's a live sample of my most recent work.

Background Info:  Qube Cards™ is a highly scalable SaaS-based WordPress web application and development framework that was invented as a social marketing platform and modern alternative to old fashion business cards, printed advertising, and costly marketing media.

I spearheaded the development and design of the Multisite WordPress framework that powers this app, as well as co-created the enterprise-level Qube Cards™ application itself. I successfully completed this project during the past 12 months, as part of my ongoing fulltime employment with 968810 Ontario Inc.

My roles and duties during the creation of the Qube Cards™ project were as follows:
  • I developed a flexible SaaS-based e-commerce framework ("D4Y Apps System") that acted as the extensible engine upon which this Qube Cards™ project was built.
  • I was the UX/UI Designer whose job it was to conceptualize the project, perform user viability research, business feasibility testing, evaluate technology requirements, design frontend user interfaces, maintain direct communication with key stake holders, and write the detailed subscription model that would be followed upon completion of this project.
  • I acted as project head, overseeing a small team of backend & frontend programmers, online marketers, and social media managers.
  • I was the lead developer and programmer for the project, using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This included:
    • developing the backend PHP system
    • frontend JavaScript interfaces
    • WordPress API connectivity
    • Qube Cards™ website design
    • customer portal and e-commerce functionality
    • custom frontend administrative hub (so that customers never need to access/view the standard WordPress admin section to customize their Qube Card™ and manage their subscription).
  • I created a series of custom WordPress plugins for this project that added the unique features necessary to fulfill the stake holders' expectations and bring this project to a successful completion.
  • I was also assigned to be the lead designer for the Qube Cards project, during which time I planned and created the UI elements, trademarked branding, web app wireframes and prototypes (using Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator), and explainer videos & Lottie vector animations (Adobe After Effects).
  • I managed and assisted the team of software quality testers in general testing, performance testing, and compatibility testing, using an Agile methodology.

Contact Me

Have an interesting project idea you like help with? Let's chat!

Albert Chosky